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Give Your Team Members the Tools They Need Right Now with Mental Health First Aid VIRTUAL Training

Given our present circumstances organizations are looking for training programs that A) they can trust, and B) make a lasting difference. We’ve got a professional development opportunity that checks both of those boxes (and more)! Our sister company, Arpeggio Health Services, is thrilled to be among the first in Canada to make the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health First Aid program available virtually.

Before the onset of the global pandemic, the stats around mental health were stark: one in every three Canadians, researchers estimated, struggle with a mental health problem in their lifetime; the most commonly cited barriers to getting effective support were stigma and lack of accessibility to appropriate help. Then COVID-19 hit. Mental health problems have since become even wider spread, with even more obstacles to accessing support. The pandemic has tested our resilience in every way. Between the burden of the virus on our health care system and medical care providers and the need to physically distance ourselves from our social circles, too many Canadians are left feeling isolated, stressed, disconnected and hopeless.

Research shows the Mental Health First Aid program addresses these issues by improving understanding of mental health, mental illness and recovery, reducing stigma and empowering members of the public to recognize signs of decline in mental wellbeing and provide appropriate, effective support. With what can feel like non-stop changes in our workplaces, many organizations are finding mental health concerns in employees to be more prevalent than ever. It’s an ideal time to arm your team with the necessary tools to care for their own mental health and help one another. The MHFA program carries an internationally-recognized certificate and training staff in Mental Health First Aid aligns with Canada’s best practice guidelines, as detailed in the CSA National Standard on Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace. With Mental Health First Aid being rolled out virtually, this important training is now more accessible to Canadians than ever!

Mental Health First Aid Standard moves away from a traditional medical model, focusing instead on a community-based approach to mental health support and intervention. The program uses a highly interactive blended learning approach comprised of three modules. Module 1 is self-directed, completed independently by participants through a state-of-the-art online learning platform and taking about two hours. Modules 2 and 3 (3 hours each) are led by an experienced Mental Health First Aid training facilitator in our virtual classroom via Zoom. The virtual classroom makes full use of Zoom’s features to keep participants engaged and to make the learning as practical as possible – you’ll have the opportunity for small group work, activities and contributing to class discussion, just as you would with an in-person training. These sessions are capped at 15 participants to keep the learning environment safe and comfortable.

As a Thank You to readers of the Workplace Wellness Weekly, we’re pleased to offer you a 10% discount on any of our online courses, including The Mentally Healthy Workplace and Mental Health First Aid virtual sessions, scheduled until the end of January 2021. Just visit and use promo code BLOGREADER10 checkout. If your workplace is interested in hosting a private session to train your team, connect with us for a quote and to iron out the details.

Wishing each of you a mentally healthy day, and I hope to see you in the virtual classroom soon! Thanks for reading.


Elizabeth Eldridge is a Psychological Health & Safety Consultant based in southern New Brunswick, Canada. In addition to frequent keynote speaking and corporate training on mental health she is the owner/operator of Arpeggio Health Services, Atlantic Canada’s largest provider of public mental health trainings. Learn more at, and


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