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Custom build your training sessions by identifying specific topics or learning goals.

We'll do the rest!

All of our sessions begin with a general introduction to mental health and its implications in workplace contexts.  What’s next is up to you!  In recognition of the uniqueness of every organization’s culture, strengths and challenges, we’re pleased to offer fully customizable sessions to address the topics that are most relevant to your team.  Our Learning Pocket Credit (LPC) system makes it each for our clients to customize a session that fits within their budget and time constraints while maximizing the session’s impact.  Our packages come with an allotted number of LTCs — you choose how to spend them! Mix & Match the topics you’d like your session to cover using the menu below, up to a maximum of the LPCs your package carries.

Check back in February 2024 for our LPC menu and further details!

Custom Sessions

All sessions available as interactive virtual sessions or in person Canada-wide.
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