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Psychological health plays a key role in employee engagement, yet it often takes a backseat

to production targets and more measurable outcomes. Organizations that prioritize employee wellness and a psychologically safe work environment will quickly see the most effective way

to optimize engagement is to care for and invest in its most valuable asset: its people.

Breaking the Cycle:           How Person-
             Will Make
   Your Job Easier!

Breaking the Cycle How Person-Centred Le

What motivates and inspires your team?  When our people are stressed and “checked out”, productivity takes a significant hit and job satisfaction is tougher to achieve, causing a spike in turnover rates.  This results in an increased workload for your remaining team members and inevitably impacts your own role as a leader.  The cycle continues on until or unless we do something to stop it.  By strategizing about employee recognition techniques, promoting opportunities for growth and development and leading with a person-centred approach, productivity and job satisfaction will improve for everyone… and your job gets easier!  Join Elizabeth for 90 minutes of brainstorming on thinking outside the box to make your team members feel supported, valued and empowered to bring their best selves to work.

Duration: 2 hours (100 min. content + Q&A)

Whether it comes in the form of exciting organizational progress and growth or unanticipated challenges, change is a certainty.  Are your organization's leaders prepared to meet the mental health needs of their team members when stress levels surge?  Resistance to change and the varied needs of team members in coping with change can prompt even the most fearless leader to experience frustration and self doubt. Left unmanaged, poor mental health will affect productivity, engagement, workplace culture and morale, and can drastically increase absenteeism and turnover rates – and when leaders themselves are struggling, we can’t ignore the risk of burnout.  Employers have a legal obligation to make an inquiry and devise reasonable accommodations for team members who are struggling with their mental health, but unfortunately these situations don’t come with a How-To Manual.  Leaders who attend this session will learn how to address mental health needs during high-stress times while prioritizing their own wellbeing and modelling positive coping. 

Duration: 2 hours (100 min. content + Q&A)

Brace for Turbulence:                Supporting
                Health in
                 Times of

Brace for Turbulence Supporting Mental Health in Times of Organizational Change2.png

     How to Build
       a Fortress:
   Cultivating Organizational
and Employee

How to Build a Fortress Cultivating Organizational and Employee Resilience.png

Let's explore resilience from both a personal and organizational standpoint. This session will empower workplace leaders to take charge of their own psychological health and nurture the resilience of their teams. What steps are you taking to protect your mental health and build resilience? How are you promoting these concepts to your team members? In times of difficulty old adages like "everything happens for a reason" serve very little practical purpose and sometimes end up eliciting a sense of helplessness rather than empowering us to take charge of our own mental health.  This session is ideal for organizations who are ready to get proactive about psychological wellness and work on culture change.

Duration: 2 hours (100 min. content + Q&A)

Leaders often carry a gigantic burden in their roles with the expectation of inspiring strong performance in their teams while maintaining their own wellbeing.  Burnout is a real risk and finding balance between work, personal and family demands is getting tougher.  This workshop will arm leaders with essential tools for striking that balance, navigating the challenges that leadership roles inevitably bring when we take on additional responsibilities and building a team that’s stronger than ever.  This session lays a foundation to inspire new leaders, managers and supervisors to take psychological health and safety just as seriously as we take physical health and safety at work.

Duration: 2 hours (100 min. content + Q&A)

Brilliance and Resilience Psychologically Healthy Leadership.png

Brilliance Requires Resilience: Psychologically Healthy Leadership

Following periods of significant growth, restructuring and other sorts of organizational change, it’s natural to experience challenges with engagement.  When your team members are stressed, tired, “checked out” and morale is down, productivity takes a significant hit and high job satisfaction becomes more difficult to achieve… early warning sign of a “turnover avalanche”.

The good news?  By being proactive leaders can stop this negative ripple effect before momentum builds.  This session explores think-outside-the-box approaches to engagement and psychological wellness when Change Fatigue seems insurmountable.

Duration: 2 hours (100 min. content + Q&A)

From Light Breeze to Strong Second Wind Engaging an Exhausted Team.png

From Light Breeze to Strong Second Wind: Engaging an Exhausted Team

The Mentally Healthy Workplace is our SIGNATURE SESSION, equipping leaders, human resource professionals, health and safety coordinators and other employee wellness champions with the necessary tools to be proactive about workplace wellness and foster a psychologically safe work environment. Mental health issues account for about one third of all disability claims in Canadian workplaces, and 70% of the total costs. In addition to the impact of absenteeism, many organizations are experiencing diminished productivity, disengagement and other effects of “presenteeism” — employees being physically present at work but functioning below their capacity due to mental distress. Employers have a duty to make reasonable accommodations for health conditions whether physical or mental in nature but offering support and implementing accommodations can be complex when it comes to mental health concerns. Topics covered in this session include:

The Mentally Healthy Workplace

The Mentally Healthy Workplace.png

  • Mental health: what it is, its place in our overall health and its impact in the workplace

  • Stigma, including the more subtle forms this type of prejudice can take

  • Legal responsibilities of the employer and employee, including the Duty to Inquire, Duty to Accommodate

  • Understanding depression and anxiety, the most common mental health issues in Canada

  • Talking about mental health problems in the workplace: practical conversation tools

  • Connecting employees with professional support resources: who, what, when and how?

The Mentally Healthy Workplace includes a take-home workbook for each participant (digital format for virtual delivery; hard copies for in-person sessions).


Duration: Half-Day and Full-Day Options Available -- what's the difference?

The half-day session was created to provide organizations teams with the "nuts and bolts" of mental health in the workplace. This gives participants a broad overview of the many moving parts that make up a psychologically safe and healthy work environment.  It makes a great starting point for leadership teams who are starting to have conversations about employee mental health and organizational wellness, but are working under time constraints.


The full-day session (6 hours of content plus a lunch break partway through) allows time for participants to engage in more organization-specific dialogue and problem-solving through hands-on activities and case studies. This option is for organizations who are ready to move from theory into action.

coming soon.png

New training programs debuting April 2024:

  • Mental Health Promotion in the Remote Workplace

  • Activate Your Superpowers: Secret Ingredients for Maximizing Retention and Engagement

  • Ahead of the Game: What Does It Take to Be an Employer of Choice in Today’s Market?

  • Living the Dream: How to Build a Dream Culture

  • More Than a Thank You: Innovative Employee Recognition Strategies to Level Up Engagement

All sessions available as interactive virtual sessions or in person Canada-wide.
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