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- Varying lengths available -

All of our sessions begin with a general introduction to mental health and its implications in workplace contexts. What’s next is up to you! In recognition of the uniqueness of every workplace’s culture, strengths and challenges, we’re pleased to offer fully customizable sessions to address the topics that are most relevant to your team. The topics that can be covered in a session depends on the package you purchase. Our LPC (Learning Pocket Credit) system makes it easy for our clients to customize a session that fits within their budget and time constraints while maximizing the session’s impact. Our packages come with an allotted number of LTCs — you choose how to spend them! Mix & Match the topics you’d like your session to cover using the menu below, up to a maximum of the LPCs your package carries. Read on for our Learning Pocket menu...



60 minutes

20 LPCs


90 minutes

30 LPCs


3 hours

65 LPCs

Learning Pocket Menu

LP1.  Stigma in the Workplace   |   5 LPCs

This Signature LP explores the most commonly cited reason Canadians workers don’t reach out for help when they’re struggling with their mental health. Mental health is just as real as physical health... but do we treat them the same? For sustainable positive change to happen, every member of the workplace must be able to recognize and appropriately address this form of discrimination.

LP2.  Building Employee & Organizational Resilience   |   10 LPCs

Fostering resilience in your team takes time and effort, but the investment pays off in a big way if it’s done well. Is your workplace doing everything possible to integrate mental wellness into its culture and adopt it as a core value? Learn how to equip staff with the tools they need to thrive despite the challenges that our work and personal lives throw our way. An essential LP for occupational health & safety coordinators, HR professionals, managers and members of Joint Health & Safety committees.

LP3.  Workplace Mental Health Promotion: Start-Small Strategies   |   10 LPCs

Employee productivity, morale, absenteeism and retention as well as your organization’s reputation can be improved by promoting psychological health and safety... but where should you begin? This LP helps you get past the overwhelm and get the ball rolling on mental health promotion. Participants will gain practical ideas and ready-to-implement strategies along with an understanding of the valuable roles each and every employee can play.

LP4.  Employers & Employees: Rights & Responsibilities   |   5 LPCs

Psychological health and safety in the workplace is a shared responsibility, with accountability falling to employers and employees equally. Learn the ins and outs of legal and ethical obligations and considerations for both parties with this LP — a crucial concept for HR professionals and management!

LP5.  Workplace Accommodations: Thinking Outside the Box   |   10 LPCs

Employers have a duty to make reasonable accommodations for an employee’s health issues, whether physical or mental in nature. However, accommodating mental health problems can be less “cut and dried” and many employers feel less confident in their ability to appropriately accommodate a mental health issue compared to physical injuries. Many of today's most common accommodations focus on workload reduction, which results in added stress for other workers, extra costs for the organization and doesn't always effectively support the employee who's struggling . Learn how appropriate, reasonable accommodations can improve — that’s right, improve! — productivity and engagement in your workplace. An essential LP for policy-makers, HR professionals and anyone else whose role comprises making or supporting accommodation plans.

LP6.  Employee Assistance Program: Pump Up Your Utilization Rates   |   5 LPCs

Smart employers know that high EAP utilization rates typically equate to reduced absenteeism. Maybe your workplace has a great EAP... but if employees aren’t using it, it’s not doing its job. Explore and problem-solve your way through the most common root causes of poor EAP utilization and learn practical solutions to give them a boost.

LP7.  Reaching Out: Conversation Navigation in the Workplace   |   10 LPCs

Talking about mental health can be difficult, especially in the workplace. Using a simple acronym, participants will learn how to sensitively and effectively initiate a conversation with a co-worker who may be struggling and guide them toward appropriate support.

LP8.  Resource-Palooza!   |   5 LPCs

A comprehensive “short-list” of mental health care resources, within and beyond the workplace. Geographically-appropriate resources will be explored in depth, helping participants to feel confident in guiding a co-worker to effective support that meets their needs.

LP9.  Mental Health 101: Understanding Stress & Anxiety   |   Abbreviated version: 5 LPCs   |   Extended version: 10 LPCs
Anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental health issues in Canada, affecting as many as one in ten people. We all know what stress feels like, but recognizing the point where it’s taking a toll on productivity, functionality and quality of life is easier said than done.

LP10.  Mental Health 101: Understanding Depression   |   Abbreviated version: 5 LPCs   |   Extended version: 10 LPCs
As of 2020 the World Health Organization cites that depression is the single leading cause of disability for all ages and all sexes in all developed countries in the world. How well does your team understand the signs and symptoms of depression?

LP11.  Mental Health 101: Understanding Substance Dependency   |   5 LPCs

Substance dependency is a medical condition, not a chosen behaviour. Learn about the biochemical nature and psychological effects of substance related disorders with this LP.

LP12.  Mental Health 101: Understanding Eating Disorders   |   5 LPCs

Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating can be highly sensitive topics to discuss with someone who’s struggling with a psychologically unhealthy relationship with food. Understand these serious issues better with this LP.

LP13.  Mental Health 101: Understanding Psychosis   |   5 LPCs

Psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia are poorly understood by the average member of the public. Separate the myths from the facts with the Understanding Psychosis LP.

LP14.  Mental Health 101: Understanding Deliberate Self-Injury   |   5 LPCs

Deliberate self-injury is shockingly common among young people, and can take many shapes and forms. Often misunderstood as attention-seeking or suicidal behaviour, learn what deliberate self- injury is really all about with this LP. A highly relevant topic for workplaces that employ teens and young adults, and organizations that support young people.

LP15.  Suicide: Signs and Intervention   |   10 LPCs

Do you know how to recognize signs that someone may be thinking of suicide? If so, do you know what to do next? With a basic understanding of suicide and the confidence to start the conversation, anyone can save a life.

LP16.  Mentally Healthy Kids & Teens   |   10 LPCs

With mental health problems becoming increasingly common, what can we do to promote resilience in young people? This LP explores how mental health develops in children and teens and how to recognize signs of distress that are unique to this demographic.

LP17.  Mentally Healthy Seniors   |   10 LPCs

In addition to increased risk of disorders such as dementia that are associated with aging, a major barrier to positive mental health in seniors is "residual stigma" — myths about mental health and mental illness that were widely believed by past generations. This LP is an ideal it for administrative and frontline workers in long-term care and individuals with aging parents/loved ones.

We're happy to support you in selecting your LPs and offer suggestions as needed to ensure your session meets your organization's objectives. Interested in learning about a topic related to mental health or workplace wellness that's not outlined on our LPC menu? Connect with us directly and we'll let you know if we can help!

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