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The Workplace Wellness Weekly Blog’s Most Popular Articles So Far

Happy Wednesday! This week’s blog post is a celebration our most well received articles since starting the Workplace Wellness Weekly six months ago. Life looks pretty different today than it did in January but our commitment to psychological health and safety in the workplace is as strong as ever! We appreciate our growing audience. If there's a topic you think we should write about, please let us know by reaching out to

1. 3 Ways Leaders Can Support Their Teams During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This article was written relatively early on in our “pandemic journey” when workers across the country (and the world) were first thrown into challenging, rapidly evolving circumstances with regards to the coronavirus. With such a sudden spike in workplace stress, strong leadership was, and continues to be needed. Read it HERE.

2. Managing Stress, Panic, Fear and Anxiety Amidst Uncertainty

Given the longevity of the pandemic and the likelihood that our workplace and personal lives will be in flux for some time now, I think this article will continue to be relevant (and helpful, I hope!). If we’ve learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s that life is full of curveballs and things can change drastically overnight. Managing the ripple effect of highly stressful circumstances, many of which are beyond our control, is a tool we all need. Read it HERE.

3. Myth-Busting for a Mentally Healthier Workplace: Put These 4 Misconceptions to Bed Once and For All!

Stigma continues to be the number one barrier to mental wellness in Canada and many developed countries around the world. Myths about mental health and mental illness are rampant, and the first step toward ensuring psychological safety in the workplace for one and all is replacing misinformation with evidence-informed knowledge. This article explores a few of the most common ways stigma rears its head. Read it HERE.

What’s been your favourite Workplace Wellness Weekly article? We’d love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

Thanks for reading and have a great week, everyone.


Elizabeth Eldridge is a Psychological Health & Safety Consultant based in southern New Brunswick, Canada. In addition to keynote speaking and corporate training on workplace mental health she is the owner/operator of Arpeggio Health Services, Atlantic Canada’s largest provider of public mental health trainings. Learn more at, and



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