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We’re Celebrating Our 1st Birthday by Reflecting on Our Most Popular Posts

The Workplace Wellness Weekly is celebrating its first birthday today! When I write this blog each week I find myself marveling at how quickly the days have gone by – and here we are at Week 52. It’s been a wild ride as my intention in January 2020 was to share broad ideas and concepts that Canadian workers could run with in their workplaces to improve psychological health and safety. As we all know, that was the beginning of massive changes with workplaces being forced to make tough decisions and pivot as best they could as the COVID-19 pandemic sunk its teeth into our country. So, our focus shifted to offer some pandemic-specific guidance and in my own approximation it’s never been clearer that prioritizing mental health at work is an absolute must in order for organizations to survive.

One year later things are still up in the air for many companies, employees and leaders, but we’ve learned along the way and drawn on our resilience to get through – and we’ll continue doing that, knowing that there will be brighter days ahead. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s a looong tunnel, gives us the hope and optimism we need to carry on.

With that in mind, please join us in reflecting back on our most high-traffic posts of our first year. We hope you’ll find some useful ideas here:

Many, many thanks to those who take the time to visit our little corner of the internet each week to read this blog. It fills our bucket in a HUGE way to think that these ideas might help you to move mental health initiatives forward in your workplace, and to spark these important conversations. Cheers to another year of making mental health a priority in our workplaces and beyond!


Elizabeth Eldridge is a Psychological Health & Safety Consultant based in southern New Brunswick, Canada. In addition to frequent keynote speaking and corporate training on mental health she is the owner/operator of Arpeggio Health Services, Atlantic Canada’s largest provider of public mental health trainings. Learn more at, and



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