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It's #letstalk Day! How Are You Moving the Conversation Forward?

A big hello after my blogging hiatus! It feels great to be back. What better time to return than #letstalk day? The Workplace Wellness Weekly just celebrated its third birthday so we've got lots of reading material to connect to today's theme of speaking up (and listening!) about mental health. Check out these articles from the past couple of years that will help you make the most of Bell's "Let's Talk" campaign. Hope you find them helpful!

Conversation Navigation: 6 Concrete Ways to Discuss Mental Health at Work Simple tips for effective communication on mental health in your workplace.

Tips for Breathing Life into #letstalk Last year's post on the eve of Let's Talk Day 2021 gives 4 practical tips for navigating conversations about mental health

Talking About Mental Health: Is It "Workplace Appropriate"? It might feel uncomfortable at first, but this article makes the case for fostering an organizational culture where openness about mental health is the norm.

Mistakes We Make When Talking About Mental Health at Work Fear of saying the wrong thing sometimes holds us back from having important conversations. This article gives us some food for thought when preparing to talk to a co-worker about mental health.

Yes, #letstalk... But We Can't Stop There 2020's post reminds us that addressing mental health in a real way means more than just talking, and encourages us to take further action.

No Excuses: 3 Ways to Support a Struggling Co-Worker Talking about mental health can feel especially tricky in the workplace. This article gives concrete advice on how to do it sensitively and effectively.

Give Your Team Members the Tools They Need Right Now with Mental Health First Aid Training Empower your team to put the "Let's Talk" concept into meaningful action. The Mental Health Commission of Canada's internationally-recognized Mental Health First Aid training program is available virtually (click HERE to sign up).

Remember, Let's Talk Day is an annual reminder to speak openly about mental health 365 days a year. Don't lose momentum. Keep the conversation going. You don't have to have all the answers or solve a person's problems. You don't have to be a mental health professional to make a huge difference in the journey of a person who's struggling. You just need to be willing to approach the conversation with empathy and a genuine desire to help.

So what's your organization doing to spark conversations about mental health? I'd love to hear from you in the Comments section below. Thanks for popping by and tune in next week for a fresh new blog post!


Elizabeth Eldridge is a Psychological Health & Safety Consultant based in southern New Brunswick, Canada. In addition to frequent keynote speaking and corporate training on mental health she is the owner/operator of Arpeggio Health Services, Atlantic Canada’s largest provider of public mental health trainings. Learn more at, and


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